Evolved Midrate Live


Server Rates Update

The newest rates update has now landed, it includes increased life exp rates, horse training exp, fishing...


Daily Rewards

All online players now will get 40/40 shards and hards for staying online, including the 2k hourly pearls...


Drop Filter

We are happy to announce we are nearing the release of the drop filter, we have a different type of filter...


Patch Notes

Evolution Patch 3

World bosses Kzarka, Nouver, Kutum, Karanda - will now spawn on schedule, Boss drop rates increased dramatically. - World boss, Field boss, Summoned boss [WIP].

Read More 04/05/2020

Evolution Patch 2

All rates have now been modified in the range of 5x-10x, excluding enchantment, lifeskill drops, which are still being worked on.

Read More 20/04/2020

Evolution Patch 1

Preliminary rate changes have been applied, several bugfixes including registration fixes have been done.

Read More 04/04/2020

Boss Schedule

GMT +02:0011:0016:0020:0023:00
MondayKzarkaKzarka,NouverKzarka, KutumKaranda, Nouver 
TuesdayKzarkaKzarka, KutumKzarka, NouverKaranda, Kutum 
WednesdayNouverNouver, KutumKzarka, NouverKaranda, Kzarka 
ThursdayKutumKzarka, NouverKaranda, KutumNouver, Kutum 
FridayKarandaKzarka, KutumKaranda, NouverKzarka, Kutum 
SaturdayKarandaNouver, KutumKaranda, Kzarka 
SundayKarandaKzarka,NouverKaranda, KutumNouver, KutumKaranda

Server Information

1 This is an official files based private server, we don't use emulation, or any public emulators. We run our server based on official server files.
2 This is an MIDRATE private server, you won't obtain things slow, nor fast. The clue is in the balance of the rates, and the pace of obtaining gear and items.
3 We are an actively develpoped server, we tend to release atleast 2-3 patches per month, to make sure the patches are decent sized and done properly.
4 The current version we run is lahn-preremaster patch, however we have already announced that we begun working on our Guardian expansion, check the forums for more info!
5 We tend to run things differently from other servers, you won't see corrupted staff neither miners on our server, neither buggy patches that limit the gameplay.
6 It is forbidden to buy and sell anything for real money and virtual monetary units, equivalent to real money, as well as any option for exchanging and selling characters for real money.